Spring 2008

Volume 6, Issue 1



Returns of Hitler
Luke Martin

The Real Price of Coffee
Marcos Rego-Monteiro

Trace Memories
Denise Birkhofer

The Violence Within the Sovereign Decision
David Martin

A Shift in Strategy
Bari Katz

One of the Guys
Jennifer Kelly

(Un)witnessing Violence
Eduardo Saldaña-Piovanetti

Fiction & Poetry

Felipe Martinez Pinzon translated into English by Sarah Thomas

Tatiana Forero Puerta

The Lab
Hugo Pezzini

The Tortoisebird
Michelle-Leona Goodin

The Disappeared
Luke Epplin

Patrick Gallagher

A Fist Used Up
Yi-Ching Lin

Illustrations on pages 6, 30, 48, 74, 98, 114, and 142 are by Sophie Goldstein

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