Fall 2003

Volume 1, Issue 2, The Culture Issue


The Masquerade: White Supremacy, Capitalism, Consumerism, and the Blonde Ideal
Jessica Shimmin

The Unrealized and the Unrealizable, or Autonomy as Aspiration
Jacqueline Abrams

Self-Inscribed Identities: Marginals & Media in the Age of Globalization
Andrew Whitworth-Smith

The Dream of an Archival Genesis Bomb
Cjadwick T. Smith

Fiction, Nonfiction, and Personal Testament: A Critical Memoir
Iris Smyles

The Culture of Play: In Search of Utopia through the American Playground
Allison Butler


The Visit
Lauren Rosenblum

Bereishit: In the Beginning
Leanne Trapedo Sims


Sin of Skin
Leanne Trapedo Sims

Aliki Caloyeras

S.S. Annunziata [translation] 
Dan Bursztyn

Erotic Geography
Urayoán Noel

Present Coninuous for Future Arrangement
Aliki Caloyeras

The Elevated
Amy E. Shaw


Francesca Varda

Sema Sgaier

Torito I
Brian DiFeo

Sema Sgaier

Yoga Tree Pose
Cindy Maguire

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