Fall 2014

Volume 12, Number 2

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The Daily Races
Oil and Rock
Whitney Oldenburg

I Thought I Knew
Oil and Rock
Whitney Oldenburg


From Dionysian Light to Dionysian Rite:
Rothko’s “Affinity” for the Villa of Mysteries and the Development of His Signature Style
David Bardeen

Another Storm Heard From:
Reflecting on the Natural Metaphors Assigned to the Arab Revolts
Anna Reumert

Blowing Up Narnia:
Toward a Black Male Feminist Thought
Marquis Bey

January 24, 1959
Catherine Young


A Cabin in the Woods
Ty Cronkhite

Lake Water
J.E. Nissley

Christian Aguilar


Night Music
Tim Craven

Mondrian Tissue Box
Jessica Scicchitano

Decoded Trance
Elizabeth Bidwell Goetz

Dinosaur Skin
Nicholas Goodly

Bleed Soaked
Oakley Merideth

Numbers of Streets that Will Never Exist
Nicholas Goodly


New American Pioneers
Erika Raberg

Sun #5
Nicole White

Pulls at Your Heart Strings
Eve Kalugin

Prepare for a Harsh Critique
Eve Kalugin

Ayten Tartici

Folds in Nature
Eleanor Neal