Spring 2003

Volume 1, Issue 1, The Democracy Issue


When Power Relations and Polarization Dictate Observation: Politics and the Mainstream Media in Contemporary Venezuela
David A. Rondón

Concepts of Time in One Hundred Years of Solitude: A Means for Social Criticism
Shay David

Mother’s Milk: An Interview with Marta Ligia Lopez-Cantera
Carmen Aróstegui

High School History Textbooks: The Danger of a Neutral Democracy
T.M. Abdelazim

A Bacterial Analogue of Democracy: Cooperation and Conflict in Bacterial Societies
Brian Weinrick

Cuban Conversations
Julia Young

US and EU Democracy Promotion in the 1990s
Sarah N. Repucci


Letras en las paredes
Enrique Del Risco

History Will Absolve Me
Madeline del Toro Cherney


Alphabet City
Rodrigo Rojas

Rodrigo Rojas

The Quiet War
Emily Reardon

National Security
T.M. Abdelazim


Recuerdas de la revolucíon
Cary Fukunaga

Yo sueño con los ojos abiertos
Alexander Nixon

La Espera 
Silvina Sterin Pensel

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