Spring 2004

Volume 2, Issue 1, The Violence Issue


Robespierre: Rehabilitating a “Terrorist” 
Nicole Rae de Gioia-Keane

“If You Got a Glass Jaw You Should Watch Your Mouth”:
Notes on Subjectivity, Violence, and 50 Cent 

Richard Allen

Learning the Language 
Sarah Garland

Form/Transformation: Translation and the Bodily Pain of Rilke’s Last Poem 
Aliki Caloyeras

Taking Bullets 
Christopher Stahl

No Question of Politics Ever Arose: Science, Violence, and Agriculture in Colombia, 1949-1969 
Rebecca Tally

Margins of Humanity: Between the Survivor and the Sacred Man 
Jacqueline Abrams


Adam Wilson

Living Underground 
Lauren Rosenblum


Case Study 142 
Krista Miranda

Officers’ Club (A Fable) 
Ronald D. Briggs

Jerah Kirby

Emari DiGiorgio

This Is Not Me 
Krista Miranda


Amanda Lee-Leviten

S&M Children’s Wear 
Amy E. Shaw

The Names 
Brian DiFeo

Andrzej Rutkowski

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