Spring 2006

Volume 4, Issue 1, The Violence Issue



Justice for Latin America
Lisa Viscidi

The Burning Towers: A Twenty-First-Century Re-Imaging of Leda’s Terror
Erich Simmers

Arresting Violence: Promises for Peace Through the Recovery of Voice
Amber Kelsey

Marginal Literature, Effaced Literature: Hogg and the Paraliterary
Gabriel Zinn

I Wanna Destroy: Toward an Aesthetic of Violence
Erica Weitzman

License to Kill: Breaking the Cycle of Violence in South Central Los Angeles
Tina Shull

A Reading of Dogville
Michael Lattek

Fiction & Poetry

The Blood of Others
Eileen O’Connor

Kenneth Norris

Fade Out
Derek Lee McPhatter

The Sun’s Last Day
Eileen O’Connor


Shelley Lightburn

John Moffett

John Moffett

Hello, Dolly
Shelley Lightburn

A Little Stroll
Shelley Lightburn

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