Fall 2011

Volume 9, Number 2

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Cover photograph

“Ave Verum Corpus” and “Diabelli Prokaryote Variations”
Sarah Kais


Bombs, Buildings, and Bureaucracy: The Preservation of Atomic Heritage
Deanna Sheward

Howell Raines: The Changing Face of Journalism
Geoff Ingersoll

Come Out to Show Them: Steve Reich and Bruce Nauman
Evan D. Williams

Twin Towers: Dead-End Environmental Activism in Low-Income Minneapolis
Zach Marshall


The Hour of Blue Shadows
CJM Venter

The Desert Tide
Arthur Dudney

Number 22
Rose Simons

Ancient Travelers
E.G. Burt


The History of Snow
Stefan Hartmann

Two Weeks at Sea, Two on Shore
Kelly Slivka

Jesus Wept
Christ Tracy

Genny Fialka

Untitled 1-5
Diana Arterian

At Takeoff, I Realize
Jeff Neidt

Les Gottman


Trip Carroll

Untitled #1 and #3
Sharon S. Ma

How Will We Sing Our Song in the Land of the Lord #1 and #2
Matthew Epler

Galapagos-American Flamingos
Richard Johnson

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