Fall 2006

Volume 4, Issue 2, The Borders Issue



Cuba Against the Sea 
Chandani Patel

Das Boot ist Voll (This Boat is Full): Asylum is Austria 
Kimberly Harris

Liminal Latitudes: Ritualizing the Global and the Local in Contemporary Art 
Erin M. Sickler

(Dis)Envisioning Slavery: Milwaukee Commemorates the Underground Railroad 
Jesse J. Gant

Independent Possibilities: The Independent Training Grant Initiative and the
Borders of Cultural Influence 

Kevin Sheldon

The Global War on Culture: The Occupation of Arab-American Cultural Citizenship in Randa Jarrar’s Short Fiction 
Erich Simmers

Fiction & Poetry

m a r i a c h i s
Mélanie Griot

Crossing Back 
Benjamin Blickle

on meeting this young afghan refugee in iran 
Shabnam Piryaei

proximity, a play 
Shabnam Piryaei

Shabnam Piryaei


Out the Door 
C.M. Miller

C.M. Miller

John Moffett

Chandani Patel

Chandani Patel

Freedom Bridge 
C.M. Miller

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