Spring 2007

Volume 5, Issue 1, The Democracy Issue



The Paper Revolution of the Eastern Bloc: How Far Has Democracy Progressed?
Tamara Hammond

Democratizing History
Cara Shepley

(More or Less) Democratic Forms: Relational Aesthetics and the Rhetoric of Globalization 
Pat McIntyre

Ethnicity and Political Participation in Bolivia
Camila Vergara

Israeli Hip-Hop as a Democratic Platform: Zionism, Anti- Zionism and Post-Zionism
Yael Korat

Fiction & Poetry

La lucha eterna/ The Eternal Fight
Chandani Patel

The Nightwatchman
Jesse Francis

The Compass of Blood is a Mirror
Jeremy Lybarger

Humberto Ballesteros Capasso translated into English by César Mateo González Pearson


On the Border 
M. Maldonado-Salcedo

Street Scene 
Shahrzad Kamel

Man and His Messages
Brooke Hughes

Shulamit Seidler-Feller

Connecticut Says…
Brooke Hughes

Citizen and His Dog
Brooke Hughes

Brooke Hughes

Shulamit Seidler-Feller

Shahrzad Kamel

Child Solider
Brooke Hughes

A Dead Republican
Jesse Francis

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