Call for Submissions – Spring 2016

Anamesa is now accepting submissions for our Spring 2016 issue. This semester’s theme is Convergence.

Last semester, our theme was “Points of Departure,” with an eye toward the opening up of possibilities, the venturing out into the intellectual wilderness. This semester, we look at the other side of that journey with “Convergence.” Convergence is a concept that is fundamental to Anamesa’s interdisciplinary ethos. Different fields of study, subjects, arguments, and ideas converge to illuminate insights that would otherwise be impossible. Likewise, moments in time and ways of life frequently converge at a point which may not last but which nevertheless brings forth something new. This whole exists independently, something which resembles but is yet separate from a mere sum of its parts.

We welcome submissions of writing and visual art from current and recent graduate students across all disciplines. Please read our submission requirements and call for papers and submit by February 29.