Anamesa is now accepting submissions for our Fall 2015 issue. This semester’s theme is Points of Departure.

Points of departure—places and times where/when things could have become otherwise—have been explored by authors for generations. From Frost’s lonely narrator weighing two equally appealing paths, to Kerouac’s Sal Paradise using Dean Moriarty as a springboard to his own exploration of self, to Woolf calling forth female creativity and independence through a description of physical and emotional space. Through their characters these literary greats have invited us as readers, and writers in our own right, to explore the meaning, and the weight, of points of departure. Are they physical, spiritual, temporal? Is a point of departure the choice to embark or the exact moment of action? How can we play with perspective by looking at these points as both opening up future opportunities and as closing off others? This issue of Anamesa invites you to join this literary conversation with your own unique exploration of points of departure.

We welcome submissions of writing and visual art from current and recent graduate students across all disciplines. Please read our submission requirements and call for papers and submit by October 4.