The Case for Interdisciplinary

The future of research is interdisciplinary, and will quickly take us into areas that today we cannot even foresee . . . This building gives us the space and the flexibility to go where the imagination of our faculty takes us.

~ R. Michael Tanner, UIC Provost

It was an initiation into the love of learning, of learning how to learn . . . as a matter of interdisciplinary cognition—that is, learning to know something by its relation to something else.

~ Leonard Bernstein, American author & composer

As the pace of scientific discovery and innovation accelerates, there is an urgent cultural need to reflect thoughtfully about these epic changes and challenges. The challenges of the twenty-first century require new interdisciplinary collaborations, which place questions of meanings and values on the agenda. We need to put questions about the universe and the universal back at the heart of the university.

~ William Grassie, founder of Metanexus Institute