Nonfiction: NYU’s Tavia Nyong’o’s book wins Erroll Hill award

Congrats to Tavia Nyong’o, Associate Professor in NYU Tisch Performance Studies, for receiving the Erroll Hill award for best book in African American performance studies from the American Society for Theatre Research for his book, The Amalgamation Waltz: Race, Performance, and the Ruses of Memory.

From the announcement on Tisch’s site:

The Amalgamation Waltz is a genealogy of racial and cultural mixture in America, with an emphasis on antebellum anticipations of a hybrid future and their consequence for art, politics and culture, up to the present. Looking at cultures of theater, music, reform, and art-making, “The Amalgamation Waltz” revises historical accounts that emphasize the repressive function of miscegenation discourse by revealing other ways that the discourse of race mixture expressed an ostensibly positive account of the nation’s destiny. It is not only the prohibition upon miscegenation, but its disavowed uses, to which critics must now attend.

The Amalgamation Waltz is a publication of University of Minnesota Press.