Fiction: Zadie Smith, NYU Creative Writing Professor, publishing new book, “NW”

NYU Creative Writing Professor Zadie Smith featured in The Telegraph. In this article Smith discusses her new book NW and why she thinks it is her best work yet.

“The Return of Zadie Smith” by Gaby Wood

“Some writers are very private, others are actively jealous and competitive; Smith has always been an enthusiast, gathering writers to her as colleagues, admiring her elders like a fan collecting autographs, championing her peers, delighted to discover something new. Apart from her teaching, which she loves, she has edited a volume of short prose (The Book of Other People), has translated from Italian, continues to write criticism and, privately, she is good at keeping in touch with her fiction-producing friends. If writing itself were a political movement, she would be among its most engaged and democratic followers.” – Gaby Wood